Protection of Personal Data Policy

New Plan Building Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "our firm") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and our firm strives to manage and protect personal data in accordance with the following policies.

  1. Regarding Personal Data
    With regards to the data our firm receives from the client, any data which identifies the client or identifies personal characteristics and attributes of the client shall be considered Personal Data. e.g. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, birthday, etc.

  2. Personal Data Collection
    Our firm receives the client's Personal Data primarily through the enquiry form completed by the client or through the contents of any e-mails we receive from the client.

  3. Purpose of Use of Personal Data
    Our firm makes use of our client's Personal Data in order to implement the various proposals on their behalf so as to provide the best possible service to our client.

  4. Personal Data in Relation to External Services.
    1. In line with the above fulfillment of services on the client's behalf at times we receive goods and services from outside our firm. In this event we check with the client regarding the use of their Personal Data and we take measures to supervise the use of their data appropriate to the situation.
    2. Excluding the above situation or where legally required, our firm will not, as a general rule, release Personal Data to a third party. In the exceptional situation where Personal Data is released to a third party, the client's permission will always be obtained beforehand.

  5. Management of Personal Data
    Our firm has put in place strict measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure and unauthorized access of our client's Personal Data. In addition, we also have taken appropriate steps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our client's Personal Data is maintained.

  6. Communication with the Client
    As regards our firm's use of their Personal Data, the client has the right to release, correct, add, delete, suspend the use of Personal Data, or suspend a third party tender. In this event the client must confirm this request in person. In addition this request should be made in a speedy manner.

  7. The Responsibilities of the Person Handling the Personal Data
    Our firm, with regards to Personal Data, strictly complies with all relevant laws and standards of practice. In order to fulfill our core policy we have formulated the Personal Data Protection Compliance Program (including policies, regulations and other relevant materials) which our firm's employees use in handling the dissemination of Personal Data. In addition we are always making improvements to our Personal Data Protection measures.

  8. Enquiries about the use of Personal Data
    Personal Data Consultation Counter, New Plan Building Co., Ltd. 03-3465-3911