At the heart of living is the "living room." Stylish and beautiful, it refreshes and enriches the lives of those who use it. For those who live there, the living room's primary purpose is as a space to maintain peace of mind. To maintain one's daily sense of well-being, life's varied moods find expression and release in the living room.
This sense of well-being and warmth associated with the living room grows and deepens the more one lives in a place. Continuously thinking about such space is truly our passion and pride.

The living room may be spacious, but how could we make it look more spacious? In this living room, we located the space hidden behind the ceiling and through the use of the latest technology were able to compact the space used by the plumbing and wiring, adding 20 centimetres to the height of the ceiling. Actually we have many examples like this. Increasing the volume of the space not only has a visual effect but raises the value of the property.

The raised tatami flooring and counter seating give this space the feeling of a small restaurant. The space beneath the tatami mats is used for storage while the loft is a secret hideout for the children. This space captures the nostalgia and warmth of the Japanese living room.

The TV console and sofa together form the central feature of this living room. While we can choose from the world's finest collections, here we take great pride in our beautiful, custom-designed, Japanese crafted furniture. Instinctively one wants to reach out and touch it.
TV console: New Plan Building Co. Ltd. Table: FLEXFORM Sofa: Molteni&C

A high rise apartment's most attractive feature is its spectacular view. To maximize this feature all the rooms with windows were combined to create a living room with a panoramic view. In one sweeping view one can take in Japan's four seasons, the sunset, or Mt. Fuji. Taking in such a beautifully entrancing view day by day can but put one's mind at ease.

In this combination living-dining room a troublesome change in the ceiling height was given a new lease of life by expressing it as a curve. Not only does this add to the room's sense of depth but it beautifully highlights the interplay of light and shadow softening the ambience of the room.

Located in the front of the house, this project involved the redesign of a Western style room. Using glass allows the light to spill out into the entryway and when the door opens another world reveals itself.

Meeting, talking, relaxing, connecting-the living room brings about a variety of ways to communicate. Families deepen their bonds and create memories. As children grow, it is here that the various stages of life are negotiated. Being called the living room carries the sense that it is the place where changes to one's life and lifestyle can take place.