Not only is the kitchen a place where food is prepared, but also a setting for individual aspirations. People have their favourite spices and cooking utensils. They have their own ideas of where to put things and how to arrange the kitchen. As a result each kitchen's shape and work flow, as well as the choice of materials and cooking equipment, are of necessity different. Both functionality and presentation, how it sets the scene, need to be considered. Its design should harmonise with the living room. The kitchen bins should be beautiful. As time goes by, there may be need for change but the coziness of the kitchen should not change. New Plan Building makes all this possible.

customise your new house

In order to design the perfect living space and to create one's ideal home, renovating and upgrading new homes have become popular. While the location and view of one's home can't be changed, the design and layout can be changed as much as one likes.
Whether penthouse collectors or high net worth individuals, New Plan Building receives requests from clients from around the world to redesign their new homes improving their quality and increasing their value.


At the heart of living is the "living room." Stylish and beautiful, it refreshes and enriches the lives of those who use it. For those who live there, the living room's primary purpose is as a space to maintain peace of mind. To maintain one's daily sense of well-being, life's varied moods find expression and release in the living room. This sense of well-being and warmth associated with the living room grows and deepens the more one lives in a place. Continuously thinking about such space is truly our passion and pride.


A bathroom is associated with good feelings, providing a sense of health and refreshment. It is the place in the home that has come to symbolize Japanese culture. While its size is limited, by combining stone or tile, lighting, shower fittings, mirrors, etc. a variety of effects are possible. Through a fusion of carefully arranged materials and the soft, shimmering light off the bath, our bathrooms are places of joy and happiness where the mind and body can find healing and renewal.

Dressing Room

Whether at the start of the day or in the evening getting ready for the next day, one's dressing room is a place for contemplation, a place to really get to know oneself. Whether dressing up or keeping it simple, natural lighting and a good mirror will reveal one's beauty in each of life's varied moments.

Interior Decoration

Furniture, curtains and shades, light fittings, home appliances, artwork, ornamental plants... By matching and arranging these items one can transform a room's atmosphere and sense of space. To create the room of one's dreams, one can count on New Plan Building's interior design coordinators.


At New Plan Building, our office designs while generating our client's corporate image also provide our client with peace of mind, confidence and satisfaction. Our designs are inclusive, benefitting everyone using the office and they are backed up by our extensive portfolio and our skilled designers and craftsman.

EXCLUSIVE, HIGH-END, LUXURIOUS-a place to call home

Whether it be a simple housing complex or one of Japan's luxury apartments, the use of building materials, the varied colour schemes and the changing urban lifestyles are all continuously evolving. Within these a few projects are truly exceptional, bringing together highly skilled architects and accomplished developers who, working in coveted locales create exclusive, high end, luxury apartments. These spaces created as modern architectural masterpieces must masterfully and appropriately negotiate the intimate relationship between the users and their home, combining sophisticated and elegant furniture, fittings and artwork while creating lighting schemes that meet both the daily needs of the user as well as allowing for moments of grandeur and wonder.

"STYLE UP"-one day renovation Japanese style

Renovating the house in a day? Not only is it possible but this is a part of New Plan Building's repertoire. Remodeling using so called "style up" items is useful not only when buying a new apartment and wanting to change its appearance, but also when one wants to put a smile on a special someone's face with a surprise present.