30th Anniversary

At New Plan Building Co., Ltd. we wish to thank everyone for their support as we celebrate 30 years as a renovation and remodeling specialist. Our customer's steadfast support over the years has been of inestimable value and we are humbly grateful.

At the time we started, remodeling and renovation had not really penetrated the housing market and we faced many challenges and tried many different ideas developing the theme "what is a home?

Many people buy property in metropolitan areas based solely on its estimated value in the belief that prices will always rise. And slowly the consciousness of what a home should be fades away.

"Discovering the true character and value of a building and the charm of its surrounding area."
"Protecting the safety and peace of mind of a building's inhabitants."
"Tackling the critical task of living in one's house effectively on a day by day basis, regardless of whether it is a financial asset or a physical resource."
"Investigating and developing a residence's ideal layout."
At New Plan Building, these are the kinds of issues we have wrestled with for the past 30 years.

We have valued your patronage up to now and look forward to serving you in a greater capacity in the future.